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The Millionaire Mob University is a Christian Marketing University where we work with entrepreneurs to accelerate their sales by helping them prioritize their marketing.



SCHOOL OF Marketing?

Are you struggling with Marketing? What about keeping up with all the trends on social media? We got you covered! 

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve launched your business but you're frustrated and discouraged because you haven’t been able to generate consistent results.

You're struggling with attracting and converting qualified leads and customers for your products and services. 

If you answered yes, then this is for you!

You Need to join the School of Marketing so we can be your outsourced content partners. 

Marketing By Monrae is giving business owners the

exact blueprint to turn deal-seeking followers into full-price fans.


THe Planner

just got upgraded!

This NEW planner dives deep into your everyday hustle with customized pages to help plan your social media strategy, content days, business goals, and so much more! 

This planner provides you a System to finally get all the things done in marketing to truly elevate your brand. 3 Dateless Months with plan to help you generate traffic, plan content, and stay on traffic. 

This is more than a planner this is a system!


Work with the mob?


MobU is our free Millionaire Mob University community where you can network with like-minded business owners, and receive free marketing support to accelerate your business. 

02. school of Marketing

The School of Marketing is where Cirrculum meets community. You don't need to KNOW more you need to DO more. It is designed for entrepreneurs who are seeking to increase their marketing skills and traffic visibility strategies on their way to a six-figure brand. 

03. join the mastermind >>

The MobU Mastermind is reserved for multiple six-figure CEO's who are ready to scale to seven-figures by implementing our unique sales systems in a year long live coaching program. 

Access to an exclusive Facebook group called “Black Girls Plan Too” where we have monthly activities, planning sessions, exclusive content creation.

04. Homecoming 2023

Join us October 05 - 07 in Atlanta, GA at our annual Homecoming Conference. After this experience, you will walk away with applicable foundational marketing tools needed to grow your business for the next year. 

What has been our client success rate? Well, let's ask our clients directly!

how do Our programs hold up?

MoB University Success Stories



And why is she the right person to help you?

Marketing By Monrae is a seven-figure CEO with a passion to educate, empower, and transform CEOs through the combination of data and creativity to launch revenue-generating campaigns. Monrae has:

  • Built several marketing teams that have generated six to seven figure campaigns for their companies.

  • Launched 100+ successful campaigns across multiple industries around the world.

  • Coached over 18,000 Founders and CEOs in the last 9 years on how to scale their businesses.


Business have benefited from MobU.

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